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Glassine paper is a pure cellulose paper. The main raw material is pulp which comes from modern thinning and is subject to strict controls and requirements. This raw material is supplied on short ways to our mill in Ober-Schmitten. Using water and energy only, we convert the pulp to Glassine paper. Transparency and grease resistance are achieved by a special mechanical treatment. Glassine ECHO does not contain any waste paper. According to recommendation XXXVI of BfR and the American FDA, most of our Glassine ECHO qualities are approved for direct contact with fatty, dry and moistly foodstuffs. Furthermore Glassine ECHO does comply with the European regulations for packaging materials. It is neutral to taste and smell and free of chlorine and acid. Glassine ECHO has no closed, but a high dense surface what creates a good breathability. It is the most dense paper worldwide. Glassine ECHO is not only recyclable, but also compostable.